Show Me Your Shoes! [[[Original Music]]]

Covenant After School

Did anyone see my post on Facebook about writing a new song?  And about how it would feature some additional instruments?  Yeah.  About that:

I promised you all a REAL MARCHING BAND!
We were going to record the best song in the land.

The french horns are flaky,
Trombone lost his slide,
The cymbals all crashed, and
The flutes need a ride.

The snare overslept,
The bass drum is broke,
The oboe’s too squeaky,
Euphonium’s a joke.

The tuba’s too heavy,
The sax couldn’t make it.
The trumpets got sick —
I’ll just have to fake it!*

*No instruments were harmed — or played — in the creation of this song.


Here’s the new song, Show Me Your Shoes!  Give it a listen, and feel free to leave your comments or reviews!