Turducken! The book!

But first, “Turducken” the video!

And “Turducken” the fundraiser!

And “Turducken” the thank you list!
(Here’s the important part.)

My most heartfelt gratitude goes out to the friends, family, and fellow musicians who want to see my publication of “Turducken” the book succeed!  A resounding “Meow, meow!” to you all!

Lori Strong, StrongLittleSleepers.com

Warren Gill (MyMaestro)

Sarah & Brian Wojehowski

Kathie Goldsmith

Nathan Hoppens
Warrick Wilson
Nina Korkus
Miriam McMurtry
Rachel Lignori
Karen Baker, GoldLeashPetServices.com
Dan Becker
A. Nonymous

The IndieGoGo fundraiser continues through January 10th, and all funding received will contribute to production, publishing, marketing, and distribution costs of creating this illustrated storybook.  A percentage of any profits beyond expenses will be donated to Austin’s Capital Area Food Bank to ensure happy holidays for our food insecure neighbors. Meow, meow!

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