Lyrics — Show Me Your Shoes

Show Me Your Shoes (Ms. Kat’s Music, 2015)

My Daddy & Me, we went out to the store.
I don’t think he’s ever been shopping before –
‘Cause he made me try every shoe on the wall,
And said that my “Frozen” ones looked way too small.

I wore my red socks, they’re the ones with the holes.
I wanted to feel the breeze blow on my toes.
I looked to the top shelf and I fell in love,
And lucky for me those shoes fit like a glove!

Show me your shoes, show me your shoes…
Show me your reds, your greens, your pinks, your blacks, your blues!
Show me what they look like when you’re
(marching/ jumping/ stomping / spinning) all around.
Show me what they look like when you’re laying on the ground!
Everyone show me your shoes!

So then we drove home, and I showed my mom.
She thought that my new shoes were really the bomb!
(Does anyone actually say “the bomb” anymore?)
I run super-fast and I jump super-high!
I’m pretty much a cheetah who lives in the sky!


Then the next day when I got to my school,
I showed off my new shoes, my friends said “Me too!”
We ALL had brand new ones, each kid in my grade,
So we all lined up and we had a parade!

We marched to the playground and went down the slide.
We jumped on the big wheels and went for a ride.
We tried to play freeze-tag, the rules were a muddle.
We went to the garden and splashed in a puddle!


So I need a new pair of shoes!!!

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