Have a story about a Ms. Kat’s Music class or concert experience?

Does your child teach her own music classes at home?  Are you forced to sing in the car?  Does your child get mad because you don’t know the words to his favorite song? (My boys did!)  Tell me about it!

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I appreciate your time, and your feedback!

Meow, meow!

“Ms. Kat, I like you. I reeeeeeeally like you! BUT, I don’t love you. I could, but I just like you.”
— Sebastian, 3yo

“My kids always have a great time with Ms. Kat, and they’re always talking about her and singing her songs for the rest of the day. We love her gentle, easy going spirit and the fact that she’s not afraid to get crazy with the kiddos. 🙂 “
— Vickie R.

“My favorite thing about Ms Kat’s class is Naughty Kids and the rhythm sticks. And my favorite thing about Ms. Kat is when she says goodbye to me and gives me a hug sometimes; it makes me feel good.
I don’t, like, LIKE Ms. Kat. I, like, LOVE her.”
— Amaya Nicholas, 4yo

David loves Ms. Kat’s Music & Movement class!!
His favorite thing is “Cat”!!  Thanks to Ms. Kat’s class my son has improve his vocabulary and now he has a deeper love for music.
— Sharian P.

Sophie says her favorite thing about music class is singing and dancing. She gets so excited on music class days and says the “good morning song” is her favorite.
— Carrie C.

Every Friday Riaan is so excited to go to music class. When I ask him if he had fun at music class he says “YEAH!…I dance” 🙂 It’s just great to see our little 2 1/2 year old so enthusiastic about attending Ms. Kat’s class. He asks every morning if he’s for music class today. Keep up the great work!
— Radhika V.

My boy’s favorite thing is “Ol’ McDonald” :). I really enjoy Ms. Kat’s music program for all the delightful songs my boys sing throughout the day…and sometimes night…Thank You Ms. Kat’s!!
— Heather W.

“My kiddos love Ms. Kat. They light up when they see her! Im grateful for her talent and laid back, sweet spirit!”
— Brittany B.

Leo loves Ms. Kat!! When I asked him his favorite thing about music class he said, “music class” and then he said “Ms. Kat guitar!”   This has been such a wonderful experience for our entire family. On the weekends my husband plays songs from that week’s class on the guitar while Leo and I sing and dance around. Sometimes he will even cuddle with me while we “listen mama” to daddy play. This is such a huge achievement for Leo since sitting still has always been a struggle for him. I am so thankful that our friend told us about you! We are huge fans!!
— Kara H.

“J- and N- LOVED the summer music classes! I was happy to finally put a name with a face. J- spoke of you so often.  The only thing I think would be nice, is a place to see the words to the songs. So I could sing along with J-.  I loved your enthusiasm! We are looking forward to the new school year!!  Thank you again for everything.”
— Carie M.

I asked Wyatt what was his favorite thing about Ms. Kat’s Music class… And he said “nothing”. He said, “nothing is my one favorite thing, because everything is my favorite thing in class…everything!”
— Laura P.

Elliot (Wyatt’s brother, 2 yo) recently started class with Ms Kat. His mother asked him if he liked class: “Yup!” And what’s his favorite thing about the class? “Me too!”
— Travis P.

Sadie’s favorite thing about Ms. Kat’s Music class is, “Doing Crazy Meow Meows, singing songs and going To the Bear Hunt!”  My daughter loves music class. She gets so excited when it’s “music class day”. She’s been singing all of these new songs and dancing all of the time. Ms. Kat is very fun, talented and creative. She’s always making up new songs inspired by the kids!
— Sara E.

What Keagan likes most about Ms. Kat’s Music class is “rolly pollies”. This is the answer that he gave me.  What I do know is that he loves music. Keagan’s dad is very musically inclined. Keagan has been hearing the guitar since he was born. Keagan loves to play the ukulele, which is his “guitar” and sing, as well as play the drums, piano, and even whistles :). He loves Friday’s because it is Music day! I have never attended the class he is in at daycare, but on his daily report on Fridays it always says he loved singing and dancing at music.  Thank you Ms. Kat for providing the opportunity for kids at the daycare to take your class and learn to appreciate and love music.
— Erica W.

What my little one loves most about Ms. Kat’s Music class? She answered: “A song.” OK, which one? “The race car song!” Better… We love Ms. Kat’s music class, because her songs are great and her classes are lot of fun, for kids and mums or dads. She has a very gentle way of interacting with the kids and she loves to get very crazy with them – and they all love to get crazy with her.  My daughter loves to play music class with her dolls and teddy bears at home: she puts them in a circle and they all play Ms. Kat’s music class. (Milena, 4 years old)
— Elke K.

“Ms. Kat is a wonderful music teacher. My kids loved her music class! She has so much energy, makes music fun and has lots of original material. She’s also an awesome person and Mom!”
— Claudia U.

“Ms. Kat! I just found your website and wanted to say my two youngest boys love you. Even my first grader remembers Ms. Kat. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the kids in our community and at Covenant Preschool.”
— Tara B.

“Ms. Kat provides an amazing interactive musical experience for kiddos that is both educational and engaging!”
— Nina M.

“Our 5 yr old boy has been in Ms. Kats music class (at Bright Horizons Daycare) since he was 2 yrs old and of all the extra curricular classes he has done this far, he loves this the most! Ms. Kat is not just talented musically but has this uncanny way of connecting with kids of all ages and getting them excited and having them fully immerse into the singing and dancing that always ensues once she starts to strum the guitar and sing. We recently had her home for his 5th Bday party and all 25 kids had a blast!! I would highly recommend her!!”
–Amit B. 

“My Granddaughters always enjoy hearing Ms Kats and singing along with her unique songs.”
–Susan P.


2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Ms. Kat is great! Thanks to her talents in both music and teaching, my daughter developed a real appreciation for music at a young age and has learned so many wonderful songs! During her 2 years of pre-k she would always tell me all about Ms. Kat’s music classes with a big smile on her face, so excited to show me what she learned. Thank you Ms. Kat!

  2. “My favorite part of music class is when Ms. Kat sings ‘Naughty Kids’ and we do all of the silly stuff she tells us not to do in the song. It’s really fun!”

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