Christmas in July! [[[Original Music]]]

It’s July 25th — Christmas in July!

christmas in july

So here’s my original “not quite a Christmas song” to celebrate:

No Snow Down South, featuring the “No Snow” Chorus

Who are the No Snow Chorus?  Me, myself, and my crazy bedtime story voices.  There’s a Southern belle, a Muppet, I’m pretty sure “Cat” from Peg + Cat made an appearance, and some dopey low-voiced guy… perhaps a troll?

In any case, there’s no auto-tune, no synthesized harmonies, just all-natural, homegrown, organic kitchen table multi-track recordings!  I’ve yet to have any musician friends sit in for a recording session, so you’re also hearing my best attempts at being my own bassist, keyboardist, and percussion section.  It gets a little rumbly at times, but hey, they can just “fix that in post,” right?  😉

home recording

The summer is flying by, and I’m finalizing my schedule for Ms. Kat’s Music sessions during the school year.  I still have a few openings, particularly right after lunchtime.  Thinking of hosting a playgroup in your home to help you over the afternoon hump?  Contact me today!  Until the school year resumes on August 25th, I’m offering a 15% “Christmas” discount on class-pass punch-cards.*

*Classes must confirmed by August 25th — the actual schedule of the class sessions can extend until December 1st.  Service radius and minimum/maximum class size restrictions apply.


In other news, there’s been some discussion on Facebook about a Ms. Kat’s original music book-and-CD set on the horizon.  What do you think about that?  Are you on Facebook?  Come “like” the page and join the discussion to stay in tune!

smallbiz xmas

Meow, meow!