These Are A Few Of My Favorite Links….

This is your brain:


Hey Paul Studios Brain Anatomy Hoop Art, via flickr Creative Commons


This is your brain on music:

And here are a whole collection of super-cool links on all the effects music can have on growth, development, socialization, success, and more!

There have been many, many links shared on the Ms. Kat’s Music & Movement Facebook account, so I wanted to take the opportunity to archive them here. I’ll summarize the content of each with the link titles, so check out the ones that interest you most!

Kids’ Brains: Cognitive Control, Information Retention, and Behavior Regulation

“The Glee Effect” — Harris Poll Responses to Music Education Questions

National Association for Music Education: CEOs, Business Pros, AND Musicians

Playing Music and its Effect on the Developing Brain

And, finally, Music Education and Student Success

And here’s a fascinating 3-minute video featuring Bobby McFerrin (yes, *that* Bobby McFerrin) at TED!  If you click nothing else, make sure you watch this!

I’d love to start a dialogue about any and all of these articles. Questions or comments? Please add them below!

See you all next week.

(BTW — How many of you “sang” the title to this post when you read it?)

Meow, meow!