REGISTRATION — Northwest Rec Center

NWR cancelled 2


Goodbye now, goodbye now, the clock says we’re done….

Due to continuing difficulties meeting the contracted minimum for public music sessions, these classes have been discontinued.

Thank you to all the families who gave it a try, who went out and told a friend, who continued the series with a sibling when their “big kids” went off to school, who shared our posts on Facebook, and who returned again and again when preschools let out for summer.  You made this feel like a community!

I hope to see you out in the wild — I’ll be hosting live kids’ music concerts throughout the greater Austin area in the coming months.  Come check our our schedule, or find out how to bring us to YOUR neighborhood via Front Door Concerts!



YES!!!  These are the classes that are open to the public!

This “Caregiver-and-Child” style program is recommended for students  2 – 5 years of age.  Younger and older children (up to 7 years) are welcome, but the class is very interactive, and geared toward children who are independently mobile.

Register NOW to reserve a spot in class (limit 12 students).
Classes will meet on Tuesday mornings at 10:30am.

Registration Form

Pay with PayPal

Class Schedules

Class Policies and Details*

(*updated free sibling policy, 04/01/2016
updated pass expiration policy, 06/01/2016)


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