Northwest Rec Center Class Policies and Details

Class Policies

  • To ensure space in class and materials for every family, enrollment is limited to 12 students each season.  Pre-registrations will be honored, and class spaces offered, in the order they are received.   However, confirmed spaces are claimed in the order their purchase is completed.
  • T-shirts are distributed at the first class you are scheduled to attend.
  • A separate enrollment space must be purchased for each preschool-aged child (18 months and up*) in attendance.
  • Sorry, there are NO refunds for missed classes.
  • Make-up classes will be scheduled as dates are available, OR you may claim ONE drop-in voucher per session block to apply to a future session.
  • All Class Passes expired at the close of Summer Sessions, on 07/26/16. 

Free Infant/Toddler Sibling Policies

  • Infants and toddler siblings NB-18 months are FREE — one per each PAID preschooler.*
  • Due to space / materials requirements, classes are limited to an absolute maximum of 16 students, including siblings over 12 months. Toddlers 12-18* months must be registered as well.
  • Infants under 12 months do not need to be scheduled. Infants are not counted toward class totals.


  • In the event that Ms. Kat cancels a confirmed class due to illness, inclement weather, or emergency, this will be announced via email, text, and/or social media as early as possible.  These classes will be rescheduled on the next available make-up date.
  • Please extend the same courtesy to your classmates – if you will be absent from a scheduled class, give no less than 2 hours prior notice so an alternate from the drop-in / wait-list can be contacted. 


Liability Waivers

  • All program participants, including guests and drop-in participants, must be scheduled and are required to sign a liability waiver to participate.

  • You may print the following waiver and return a signed copy to Ms. Kat on the day your child attends their first class, and/or acknowledge its receipt by checking the box on the registration contact form.

  • Ms. Kat’s Music & Movement, LLC will provide a printed copy of your signed waiver upon written request.

  • An additional waiver is required by the City of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department, and will be distributed and collected at the first class you attend.

Hold Harmless – Liability Waiver

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