Public Parent-and-Child Punch-Card Classes

Do you own, manage, or direct a public facility or private business accessible to the general public?  Do you want to add quality, affordable music classes to the services you offer, or draw customers to your place of business?

Contact Ms. Kat’s Music!

  • Music classes for recommended ages 2 to 5 years within a publicly accessible or membership-based business setting.
  • 45 minute classes are presented in a caregiver-and-child format.
  • Ms. Kat comes to you! The only requirement is a distraction-free space with enough wiggle-room to accommodate each class.
  • Ms. Kat provides the instruments for the children to play: egg shakers, bells, rhythm sticks, rain sticks, and a rainbow of flowing scarves to dance with!
  • Curriculum is based on monthly themes. (Click this link for a list of sample themes!)
  • Featured instruments and/or guest musicians will increase participants’ knowledge of the many, many musical voices in our world! Some examples include the guitar, ukulele, mountain dulcimer, flute, recorder, trombone, and various percussion instruments.
  • Revenue-share based fees are paid for the use of your space, and Ms. Kat handles all of the account managing duties.  OR we can negotiate a flat fee (with guaranteed minimum/capped maximum.)

Punch-card based classes are currently available at the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Facility:  Northwest Recreation Center!  (Please use this link if you are trying to register for these classes.)


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