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It’s time for my very favorite holiday!

Happy Halloween!!!


Ms. Kat’s Music classes will be singing plenty of songs
about rolling jack-o-lanterns, stirring our witches’ brews, and spooky, spooky skeletons!

Click the photo link above to hear the demo of Ms. Kat’s Halloween original “Spooky, Spooky Skeleton,” featuring my then three- and six-year-old skeleton crew singing along.  

(The quality is poor, but I can’t bear to part from those tiny voices.   Awww…)


Did you miss the Front Door Concerts Launch Event?  Watch the videos here!


The Ms. Kat’s Music website,
has been updated.

It’s super-simple to get where you need to go.
Click on the image associated with your account
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Bright Horizons Braker Lane 

Fall registration is closed, and a waitlist has been created. If the waitlist reaches eight students, a third session will be added to our Friday mornings, so don’t “wait and see…”  Make it so! 

Winter 2016-17 registration begins on Tuesday, November 1st.

School-year classes are offered in 10-week blocks.
This will make sessions consistent through holidays and closures, allow days for reschedules, and make it much easier for busy parents (including me!) to keep track of enrollment, class schedules, and tuition payments.

What’s New?

Ms. Kat’s Music T-shirts!

One of the foundations of my music program is keeping classes affordable and accessible, which is why you’ll often pay less than *half* of what similar programs charge!

But I DO have some up-front costs to keep my contracts current;
background checks / fingerprinting, CPR certification, liability insurance, and wear and tear on our classroom materials.  The once-a year registration fee will keep your per-class costs low… AND your kiddo gets a “thank you” t-shirt to wear to class!


Northwest Rec Center 
I know.  That feels like forever. 

Let’s see who is paying attention: PRE-REGISTER for January classes
between 10/01 – 10/31, for a 10% discount!  

Type “OCT PRE-REG” in the comments to claim your discount!
(Class maximum is 12 students, with 4 additional spaces for 12-18 mo siblings.)

We’ll be back.  January 10.  On Tuesdays.  At 10:30 am.
I’m probably going to go a little bit crazy missing you until then.

What is Front Door Concerts?!?

A citywide concert tour with some of the biggest names in Austin children’s entertainment!  We are booking shows NOW, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if your HOA, community amenity center, or neighborhood clubhouse* would like to host a children’s concert series featuring Joe McDermott, Staci Gray, Ms. Kat,French-to-Music, Terrence Taps, and MORE!  Best of all, it’s sponsorship-based and FREE-to-families!

*Coming first to AVERY RANCH!  Will we see you there?

But wait! There’s more!

The Front Door Concerts crew is also starting a new web-show on YouTube called Music City ATX!  The first complete episode is online now… and we plan to add in even *more* music, entertainment, language, and dance fun!

Click the image to see Episode 1!


Meow, meow!

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Ms. Kat’s Facebook
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