April Mews!

 April Mews!  Stay in tune with Ms. Kat’s classes, curriculum, contests, concerts and more.

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Introducing a NEW program!

BABY METAL.  The first program of its kind in Austin — this will make “Kids Rock” look like Barney the Purple Dinosaur!

Kids have an endless well of energy — what better time than NOW to teach them how to head-bang, do rock-squats, and appreciate pyrotechnics?

It will give a whole new meaning to bedtime KISSes!  We’ll meet on Friday evenings after dinner.  Rockers need to stay up past 7pm!

I have a reserve of Ms. Kat’s Music shirts in black, and a great recommendation for kid-friendly hearing protection.  Interested?  Click HERE for details!  


Classes at Northwest Rec are in full swing!  Tell your friends, and Sign Up for our Tuesday 10:00am sessions!

10 weeks of summer music classes begin on May 24th.  Beginning June 7th, there will be TWO class sessions eachTuesday, one at 11:00 am, and another at noon!  Summer session punch-card sales will begin on April 25th!


The Ms. Kat’s Music website,
has been updated.

It’s super-simple to get where you need to go. Click on the image associated with your account (you’ll also see them below) for quick links to the Registration, PayPal / Payment Details, Class Schedules, and Class Policies and Details.

For the most up-to-date info, contests, videos, and to see or share class photos, find Ms. Kat’s Music on Facebook!

Northwest Rec Center 
(These are the PUBLIC classes!)

We meet on Tuesdays from10:00 – 10:45am. This schedule will continue through the end of May, although the 10-week Summer Sessions will officially begin May 24th.

We need

A minimum of eight students are required to confirm a class.  Remember, you can bring guests and share your punch-cards if a roster is light.  

Classes are confirmed 24 hours in advance — look for the email before leaving home!

Bright Horizons Braker Lane 
Spring classes are underway! 

Enrollment is only available on a month-to-month basis until our next block begins in June.

We may be looking at some schedule and policy changes taking us through the summer and into the next school year, that will make it much easier for busy parents (including me!) to keep track of enrollment, class schedules, and tuition.

The 2s are starting to graduate into preschool classes — tell your friends that the “Little Mews” classes now have openings!

Covenant Preschool
There are just SIX weeks of preschool left until graduation!

Then my affordable, homegrown summer music program begins — last year it filled up FAST, and cards and classes will be in limited supply.

Ten weeks of summer sessions will begin on Tuesday, May 24th, to be held at the Northwest Recreation Center!

I hope to see some Covenant friends over the summer.  Beat the heat and the summertime boredom blues with some new friends at Northwest Rec!

It’s Texas Community Music Festival time!Many of you know that I promote and co-host the annual Texas Community Music Festival at Central Market North.  This will be my sixth festival with the organization, and this time Ms. Kat’s Music & Movement will be an official sponsor!  Dates are April 15th – 24th.
Ms. Kat will be performing a FREE kids’ concert at the TCMF!!!

Saturday, April 23rd at 10:30am, join me at Central Market North Lamar for a morning of Racing Cats, Crooked Teeth, Naughty Babies, and Spoooooky Skeletons!  I’ll have my bass player and a percussionist along for the ride.  What should I call my band?  The Kat’s Pajamas?!?!?

I hope to see you there!

Meow, meow!

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