Announcement: Now Enrolling for 2014-2015!

Now Enrolling!


Thinking of hosting an In-Home Playgroup over the summer?

Wanting to add music to your Preschool curriculum in the 2014 – 2015 school year?

Is your Small Business having an informational session with preschoolers in attendance?

Want to have a music-themed Birthday Party?

Ms. Kat is currently filling in her calendar for the summer of 2014, and for next year’s school-day sessions!  Please click a link above to get more details about class offerings, or for a link to get information about pricing and availability.  (It’s more affordable than you’d think!)

If you know of a preschool or in-home playgroup looking for a music & movement instructor, please share this
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Twitter:            (@MsKatsMusic)
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Leave a comment below or send an email with your name, contact info, and the name of the school or group you contacted — I will reward successful referrals with a FREE, 30 minute In-Home Playgroup for up to 6 students!  Thank you!


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