S-L-P Contact Form

Sorry, these classes are NOT open to the public.  Your child MUST be currently enrolled at Social Kids! at Speech-Language-Play to attend Ms. Kat’s Music Enrichment classes. The program is open to students age 2+ only.

Registrations are processed during “office hours” each Monday morning, and on the 1st day of each calendar month.  Didn’t get a response to your inquiry?  Sit tight, it’s coming!  Have an urgent question?  Please send an email to MsKatsMusic@gmail.com!


Note: You will receive a monthly email update about Ms. Kat’s classes, concerts, and other music-related promotional offers, upon enrollment.  Please feel free to opt out of these emails at any time.  However, should you unsubscribe, MailChimp will not allow me to re-enter your contact information.