Bright Horizons Class Policies & Details

Class Policies/Details:

  • Classes are divided into three age groups as enrollment allows:
    “Little Mews” (2 years old),
    “Meow Mix” (3 – youngest 4s), and
    “Big Meows” (4 – 5 years old).
  • Once a class reaches the maximum of 12 students, new registrants are wait-listed until a space opens up, or there is adequate enrollment to redivide into a new 8-student mixed-age class.   Registrants will be added to the wait-list in the order they are received.
  • Your child *may* join mid-session, if space permits.  Tuition will be prorated based on the number of classes remaining in that session.  (Please do not pay via the PayPal link if you will have a prorated tuition — you will receive an invoice for the correct amount, with alternative payment instructions.)

  • NEWBehavior policy update: If your child is habitually and unreasonably disruptive during music classes, the procedure is as follows:
    1) Removed from the group to observe class under the direct supervision of the classroom aide.
    2) Returned to the classroom for the remainder of class, parents notified by classroom teacher.
    3) Returned to the classroom a second time, parents notified by classroom teacher and an email from Ms. Kat.
    4) Attendance suspended for one session.
    5) Attendance suspended for remainder of sessions, recommendation to “sit out” a block of sessions and retry at a later date (sometimes working though a phase or maturity stage helps!)

    I have a background in Developmental Psychology and Behavior Modification — all options will be exhausted with positive reinforcement, redirection, extinction of undesirable behaviors, and verbal warnings before excluding your child from class.
    I have a zero tolerance policy for violent behaviors (hitting, kicking, spitting, biting, etc) and will lead to immediate removal from class until I or the classroom teacher can communicate a behavior plan with the parents.

  • In the event that Ms. Kat is ill or has a personal conflict, make-up classes will be scheduled for another school day.  Make-ups/refunds will not be offered for student absences, except under extenuating circumstances.
  • Music classes follow the AISD closure schedule.  If schools are closed, classes are cancelled.  Unfortunately, classroom schedules also call for cancellation in the event of a two-hour delay.  These classes will not be rescheduled unless the closures become excessive.
  • Payment is due 7 days prior to the new session block.  A $5 late payment fee is assessed one day prior to the 1st class of the session block.  Failure to maintain your enrollment could result in forfeiting your placement in class if there is a wait-list for that group.
  • Please notify Ms. Kat via email ( if you are withdrawing from classes or if your child will be advancing to the next age group, to ensure that we have a space in the older class, and so the next child on the wait-list can be notified!

  • You may print the following waiver and return a signed copy to the Bright Horizons’ director’s office on or before the day your child attends their first enrichment class, OR acknowledge its receipt by checking the box on the registration contact form.  Ms. Kat’s Music & Movement, LLC will provide a printed copy of your signed waiver upon written request.Liability Waiver

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