Ages 2 and up: 40-minute classes, scheduled at your convenience.  And no charge for siblings under age 2!

I come to you!  My only requirement is a distraction-free space with enough wiggle-room to accommodate your group.

I provide the “instruments” for the children to play: shakers, bells, rhythm sticks, rain sticks, and a rainbow of flowing scarves to dance with!

Curriculum is custom-tailored to your child’s current interests.  Obsessed with trains, trucks, unicorns?  There’s a song about that!

Featured instruments are fun to see (and sometimes try!) and will increase knowledge of the many, many musical “voices” in our world!

Competitively priced, and payment can be arranged per class, per child, or per month.*  And did I mention that I come to you? 

I happily teach kids who refused to get dressed or put on shoes, dawdled over their morning snack, or decided to take an extra-long nap until 5 minutes before class started!  No stress, moms and dads!

* Minimum and maximum class sizes required, limited service radius
Click HERE to complete a pricing questionnaire.

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