Hi! Welcome to Ms. Kat’s Music!


Howdy, Austin… or should I say “happy trails?”

In March 2020, Ms. Kat’s Music suspended performances and classes. And it took over two years for our littlest people to be safe in large groups again. Ms. Kat is no longer available to hire for your events, but I loved the community we built, and am leaving up some photos of my favorite memories of Ms. Kat’s Music and Kat’s Pajamas!


“Ms. Kat” is an Austin, Texas children’s musician who encourages a love for live music among all of her students, friends, and fans.  She performs free-to-families kids’ concerts throughout the city; in public libraries, for HOAs and neighborhood associations, in local businesses, cafes, and microbreweries, for preschools and daycares, and more!

What is the “movement?”  We dance, march, jump, sing-along and shout-along, play-act our imaginings and storybook plots,  and create our own rhythm section with both real and improvised percussion instruments.

Ms. Kat performs solo — or on very lucky occasions
with her backing band, The Kat’s Pajamas!

Kats Pajamas

WHERE have I seen and heard Ms. Kat before???

HOW do I book a Ms. Kat show???

Did Punxatawny Phil see his shadow?
Did you celebrate with a Groundhog Day song?
There are NO Groundhog Day songs?
Yes, there are! Click here to listen on Spotify!

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Meow, meow!  (That means “Thank You!”)



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