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Ms. Kat’s FAVORITE holiday of the year! It’s a great transition from singing about our bodies on the outside, to singing about our insides… and who am I kidding?  The kids just like to shout “SKELETON!” at the top of their lungs while playing rhythm stick “bones.”

We’ll also use our imaginations to concoct a disgusting, bubbling witches brew, often made from strawberries, spiders, and pizza.

And there will be cute songs about counting pumpkins, too!

A Ms. Kat’s Music Song & Story 

is published, printed, and CDs are burned.  I can’t wait to share it with all of you, so a series of FREE family-friendly concert/reading/signing events are in the works!

The first confirmation is at 
Wells Branch Community Library 
on Friday, November 17th.
There will be TWO shows,
one at 10:30, and another at 11:15.
RSVP today!

Other dates and times are being finalized, and will surely be announced on Facebook.
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Bright Horizons Braker Lane 

It’s time to register for HOLIDAY (mini) SESSIONS!

This is a 6-class block that will carry us through to our AISD holiday breaks, and when many families travel and/or use up their year’s PTO. Classes will continue to be held mid-week on WEDNESDAYS.

Tuition is just $55 (plus registration fees for new students), and is due on October 25th.

The full schedule is posted HERE!

There are still spaces for NEW 2s!

 Register today! 

The internet world has become an unfriendly place. People treat people in ways they’d never dare in the real world. I have an online, ahem, “friend” who is flagging all of my announcements for FREE community events for preschoolers.

How can you help?

Help keep class costs down by supporting FREE advertising for Ms. Kat’s Music! Leave a review on NextDoor today!

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Ms. Kat’s Music is in a new location!

I’ll be making monthly visits to the free-play Friday sessions at S-L-P. Singing, making sounds, creating rhymes, and using our imaginations together are great, ZERO pressure ways to exercise our vocal chords, lips, teeth, and tongues, and practice conversation skills with our call-and-response “echo” sounds.  We had a blast in our September session!

Ms. Anne’s classes are currently FULL and she has a waitlist, but keep her in mind if your child needs informal language and social support.

 Learn More!

“Turducken” the book is FINISHED!

Order yours today!  I have the first run of published books and book-and-CD* combos!  Austin locals can avoid any delivery fee by contacting me directly, and I will happily ship (at cost) to out-of-town friends and family!

*CDs are ONLY available directly through Ms. Kat’s Music, and will not be included with Amazon orders. 

A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to
Turducken! Supporters
Lori Strong
Warren Gill
Sarah & Brian Wojehowski
Kathie Goldsmith
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