August 2017 Mews!

Ready to sing, play, and show off your dance moves?

The Ms. Kat’s Music
2017-2018 schedule is here!

Classes are still limited to Bright Horizons Family Solutions daycare
locations at this time.  However, there WILL be free-to-families concert events, the release of my first book-and-CD combo, and the possibility of the return of some public classes, too, so stay in tune!

Bright Horizons classes resume on AUGUST 29th!

Visit the Ms. Kat’s Music website.
Click on the photo of your daycare location for links to:

  • Registration forms — update info about your child’s classroom and teacher!
  • PayPal links for tuition (due August 25th) and $15 annual registration fee.
  • Block schedules for ALL the upcoming sessions through summer 2018!

…and info about cancellations, holidays, inclement weather days,
wait-lists, and other FAQs!

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