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Time For a Kat-Nap?!?!?

Not to worry, it’s a short one.  There will be a brief hiatus from classes as I focus on some works-in-progress, including concerts, CDs, and perhaps, finally, a music book?!?  The “official” announcement will be a much bigger deal than a blurb in a newsletter, so stay in tune!


This space intentionally left blank.


The Ms. Kat’s Music website,,
has been updated.

It’s super-simple to get where you need to go. Click on the image associated with your account (you’ll also see them below) for quick links to the Registration, PayPal / Payment Details, Class Schedules, and Class Policies and Details.

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Front Door Concerts???

Keep an eye on your front door
— or at very least your inbox —
for news about music coming to your neighborhood!

Looking for traffic-hassle free, parking-hassle free, without-packing-up-everything-you-need-for-an-outing children’s entertainment?  Looking for a family-friendly option for holiday parties and business events?

Music, dance, foreign languages, and MORE music… something fun for everyone, and best of all, WE come to YOU.

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Bright Horizons Braker Lane 

Fall registration starts with a “clean slate,” as many students age into a new classroom and age-group.  REGISTER NOW to secure your place in classes!

We will break for August and resume the music program for the 2016-17 school year in September.  School-year classes will be offered in 10-week seasonal blocks.
This will make sessions consistent through holidays and closures, allow days for reschedules, and make it much easier for busy parents (including me!) to keep track of enrollment, class schedules, and tuition payments.

Northwest Rec Center 
I know.  That feels like forever.

Filling classes during the school year takes a LOT of effort.  It’s, like, ridiculously harder than it logically should be.  And I can’t focus on that AND my new project, which is going to carry me at least through November when everyone starts travelling for holidays…. So.

We’ll be back.  January.  Probably Tuesdays.  Probably 10:30 am.  I’m probably going to go a little bit crazy missing you until then.

What is Ms. Kat doing with all of her “free” time this summer?!?

You mean other than planning a citywide concert tour?  With some of the biggest names in Austin children’s music?  We are booking shows NOW, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if your HOA, community center, or neighborhood clubhouse would like to host a children’s concert series featuring Joe McDermott, Staci GrayMr. Will DupuyMs. Kat, and MORE!  

The Austin Civic Wind Ensemble resumes in August!

Do you have an instrument collecting dust on a shelf or in a closet somewhere?  Or maybe you’ve been sitting IN that closet, still practicing all of these years since college — or even high school — and miss playing in a group?

The Austin Civic Wind Ensemble (ACWE) is the city’s oldest civic group still in action (we just celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2015), and we invite anyone and everyone to join us!  Audition free! We rehearse Tuesday nights at 7:30 in North Austin.  Check out for details.

Meow, meow!

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