This Year, I Am Thankful For…

All of you!

I currently have 99 students that I see each week, 36 more who graduated or transferred out of their preschool programs this year, and 45 more who participated in the public program hosted at the Northwest Rec Center. That’s 180 smiling-most-of-the-time faces I’ve been able to share songs, stories, dances, and instruments with!  Thank you!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your moms-and-dads-and-brothers-and-sisters-and-grandmas-and-grandpas-and-aunts-and-uncles-and-cousins-and-neighbors-and-teachers-and-friends-and-ALL-the-people-that-you-LOVE (and wonder if you read all of that off to your child as quickly as you can if they will reply with “Ms. Kat!”) and that all of your travels and shopping excursions and community holiday events are safe and happy and full of joy.

Time for me to go eat some turkey with my boys.  Here’s a Thanksgiving song for you:

Zilker Tree

Have some free time in your schedule this weekend?  Want to give your child the opportunity to see holiday lights in Zilker Park BEFORE the Trail of Lights parking and traffic begin?

Come to the Zilker Tree Lighting on Sunday, November 29th at 6pm!  I’ll be performing holiday music with 70 of my closest friends in the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble!  Meow, meow!