A quick post about Social Media….

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Hello, all!  This isn’t a music post at all — in fact, this is my first “blog” post in quite some time!

Today I want to address a quick issue:  Social Media connection.  In my day-to-day adventuring, I’m connected to a lot of super-cool, dynamic, and interesting people: You!

I’m naturally at the extreme end of “people-curious.”  I want to know ALL the amazing things you’re doing, your current projects, and how big your kids have gotten since last year.  (In fact, I am a sponge for remembering tiny details that I’ve seen, read, or heard, which can sometimes come off as creepy when I mention them in conversation.  I’m sorry. It’s not personal… but that’s a whole separate post.)

I truly believe that the majority of people are friendly, honest, and wish the best for others. However, as a parent, it’s my duty to exercise some prudence in holding back on a bit of my family life, and for that reason I often don’t accept friend requests on my personal Facebook page.  It’s really NOT you, it’s me!  🙂  Please do not take offense, that’s my last intention. If our kids hang out regularly, if we’ve known each other in a musical setting for multiple years, if we’ve been part of another school or business community for an extended time, or worked or volunteered together, those are usually the requisites for an approval.

That said, I have a strong belief in sharing in success and networking with others — especially other small local business owners and creatives.  I share others posts and events freely, and always appreciate when you take the time to do the same.  I *DO* have a business Facebook page if you’d like to keep up with preschool musical happenings, as well as a Twitter account, a Flickr account, a YouTube channel, SoundCloud recordings, Reverbnation, and a LinkedIn profile.  And likely others I’ve forgotten!  Anyone on MySpace?

LinkedIn is actually the prompt for this post:  In the interest of respecting *your* privacy and allowing you to limit the nature of our business relationship, I do not initiate professional connections on LinkedIn with anyone who has ever been a client. But I accept them!  

In my direct experience, the profession most closely tied with music is engineering and various IT roles, both across my parent network, and across my musician network.  Isn’t that interesting?!?  From time to time I see things that I’d love to share — and I’d love to share them with all of you!  I hope to see more of you online.

Until then, meow meow!  Thanks for reading.