July Newsletter

soggy ponchos

How have YOU been staying dry???

We’ve been hiding out indoors at the Northwest Rec Center!

We added a second public class to the schedule on Wednesdays, and the passes are all but sold out AGAIN. There are almost enough stars and smiley-face punches out there to FILL each class at NW Rec through August 12th! Just one 8-class pass remains unclaimed, pending the sales of a few reserved passes.  Perfect for a multiple child family, or for a group of friends to share!

I’ve been keeping very careful track to be sure that there are enough sessions for everyone to have a space to use all of your classes, BUT there just 7 weeks of classes left, and limits on how many students can attend a class. If you delay your sign-ups any longer, you may be left with a few until the fall sessions begin again in September!

All current passes expire on September 30th when Ms. Kat’s Music’s contract with the City of Austin’s Parks & Rec Department is renewed.

This class is a Caregiver-and-Child style mixed age class, designed for the greatest appeal to ages 2-5, although the youngest participants are just about to turn 2, and the oldest siblings who attend are up to 7. And the babies?  Well, if they have an enrolled sibling, the babies are FREE!  Just be sure they fit on the schedule — space and materials requirements mean we’ll have to keep it to four (12-24 months) per class.

We currently meet on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 11:20 – 12:05. The Northwest Rec Center is located at 2913 Northland Drive, Austin, TX 78757.

Click the link below to pre-register for Tuesday morning classes in the fall!

Bright Horizons’summer sessions are going strong. Please message me if your child will be changing classrooms or leaving the facility in the fall! The 2s class is still currently at a WAITLIST status.
Covenant Preschool is on summer break!  I’ll be back on Tuesday afternoons for 2-day students and After School Music, and on Wednesday mornings for all 3- and 4-day students!
Northwest Rec Center’s July classes are filling fast, butWednesdays still have some openings.  Pre-register for Tuesday mornings in September on the Ms. Kat’s Music Registration page
Naughty, Muddy, Baby Bodhi!

Say THAT 3x fast!!!  Click the pic to the left for some Muddy Fun (which has been the theme for the past few classes).  This original song is based on a true story about two little brothers playing in the backyard when the baby creeps off for a rest… right in through the doggie door!

We’ve also been singing about someone else who loves mud — piggies!

K.A.T.s (Kommonly Asked Things)

Where can I get a Ms. Kat CD?Well, currently… you can’t.  😦
BUT, a number of my songs (free, and streaming) are linked to the “Music” page of http://www.MsKatsMusic.com, with many more to come!  I’m also in the process of creating YouTube videos of some of the songs we sing in class, and a super-special version of my song “Turducken” with an illustrated storybook!  I imagined having SOOOO much more free time in the summer….
So far, all of Ms. Kat’s contests and free classes have been announced via social media…. Hmm.  Interesting.
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