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Summer music is in full swing!

The end of the traditional school year doesn’t need to mean the end of music with Ms. Kat.  PUBLIC summer sessions are in session at the Northwest Rec Center!

But space is limited… see those “star” passes at the top of this newsletter?  Those are all the passes I have space for before each class at NW Rec is FULL through August 11th, so reserve yours today! However, if there’s enough interest we couldadd a second class to the schedule, so please let me know if you’re in, I’ll start a list, and we’ll make it happen.

This class is a Caregiver-and-Child style mixed age class, designed for the greatest appeal to ages 2-5, although the youngest participants are just about to turn 2, and the oldest siblings who attend are up to 7. And the babies?  Well, if they have an enrolled sibling, the babies are FREE!*  Just be sure they fit on the schedule — space and materials requirements mean we’ll have to keep it to four (12-24 months) per class.

*Babies as enrollees are welcome, but this is a wild, raucous, get-your-sillies-out-joy-of-music celebration.  Independent mobility and a high tolerance for stimulation are recommended!

We currently meet Tuesday mornings from 10:30 – 11:15. The Northwest Rec Center is located at 2913 Northland Drive, Austin, TX 78757. Click the link below to register!

Bright Horizons’June/July/August block begins on THURSDAY, June 4th.  The remainder of the month’s classes will take place on Fridays as usual.  The 2s class is currently at a WAITLIST status.
Covenant Preschoolhosted their graduation ceremony on May 20th. The kids who are off to kindergarten are my first group of babies there! Glad I’ll be seeing some of them this summer.  🙂
Northwest Rec Centerclasses are filling fast! Go to the MsKatsMusic Registration Page to sign up and purchase your class pass. Already have a pass? Schedule your June visits!
The HELLO Song!
(Racing Cats)
K.A.T.s (Kommonly Asked Things)
All the other preschool music schools offer free demo classes — why don’t you?

I assure you, those demo classes aren’t “free.” The other music schools charge an average cost, PER 45-minute class, of $20 or more, plus a registration fee. Some even have a materials fee tacked onto that!

Ms. Kat’s Music class-passes are shareable, transferable, and you come when you are able — no makeups to schedule if music conflicts with your vacation plans or doctor’s appointments!  Baby and toddler siblings up to 24 months are free with a registered preschooler.

I’m pretty confident that your child will enjoy our time together.  Check out some reviews here!  (And I like to have spontaneous contests and drawings for reallyfree class passes from time to time, so stay in tune…) 

Congrats to NORA and AMIEL who each get a free pass for helping inspire the name for my majority-3s class!

Ms. Kat’s 2s are “Little Mews.”
Ms. Kat’s 4s are “Big Meows.”

The class in between, the one that includes both the biggest 2s and youngest 4s, will henceforth be known as “Meow Mix!”

Stay in tune for your next chance to win free music!

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