Naughty, Muddy, Baby Bodhi! [[[Original Music]]]

Rain, rain, and MORE rain makes mud, mud, and MORE mud!

Bev Sykes -- Muddy Fun

“Muddy Fun” — photo by Bev Sykes, Flickr Creative Commons license

This song is based on a TRUE story Bodie’s dad told me while we were visiting the Kerrville Folk Festival in June 2014.  The song is *mostly* true — How does the songwriter’s creed go? Two parts truth, plus a lie?

I had been singing the chorus aloud for months…. Enough that my kids picked up on it, learned it, and taught it to their friends. One night at a dinner party, four hungry children were sitting at my table, chanting “Naughty, Muddy, Baby Bodie and the Doggie Door! Naughty, Muddy, Baby Bodie and the Doggie Door!” while they waited for their meals. Now, keep in mind these were the ONLY lyrics I’d officially written up to that point. But I couldn’t ask for a clearer sign that it was time to write the song.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.  Please feel free to leave any comments or critique here or on Facebook. Lyrics are available here.

(But please be kind re: recording quality — this is yet another homemade “kitchen table studio” project.  All my recordings are created on a Tascam DP-008, and edited in Audacity.)

home recording

Meow, meow!

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