Holiday Concerts are Wrapping Up

But there are still a few to go!

I’m talking about concerts with the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, Ms. Kat’s Music for grown-ups (Get It Good), and a couple of private events… but keep your eyes open for more Ms. Kat concerts for kids in 2015!

First there was the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble’s 40th anniversary season performance at the Zilker Tree Lighting on Sunday, November 30th — lots of news coverage, but Time Warner Cable seemed to have the best representation of the music in the background of this report:

Austin Tradition Lights up Start of Holiday Season.

Last night was our second concert of the season, hosted by the incredibly gracious and  welcoming St. Louis King of France Catholic Church.  Once again, we had a pleasingly full house there, and the applause positively echoes from the heights of the sanctuary!

Tuesday will see a private ACWE concert for the residents of Westminster Manor at 7pm.


Wednesday morning, I will be providing the accompaniment for the Covenant Preschool Nativity Play… and the first time that I haven’t had a child of my own in attendance there in four years!  This is such a sweet program, with the little ones so excited to dress up as kings and shepherds and angels, and raise their voices in song.


Wednesday night I’ll throw my curfew to the wind and my electric guitar in the car to join the guys of Get It Good at our second appearance at Hanover’s in Pflugerville!  We’ll start playing music around 8pm, but feel free to join us a bit earlier to visit  and chat while we load in.

acwe bow

And finally, the last concert this week will again be with the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, held in the sanctuary of Covenant United Methodist Church on Duval Road.  Ever heard a 70-piece band play the theme from How the Grinch Stole Christmas?  Or accompany a New York-style reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas?  Or play Sleigh Ride?  We’re doing all of that, and so much more!  Make it a date-night, or a special “late night” treat for your preschooler and join us Friday, December 19th at 7:30 pm!

smallbiz xmas

Don’t forget, we need EIGHT for a DATE, and sign up for Ms. Kat’s FIRST public classes at the Northwest Recreation Center.  You could also purchase a 5- or 8-class Punch Card as a non-cluttering “experience” gift for a grandchild, niece or nephew, or playgroup friend!

Meow, meow!

baby chucks