Turducken!!! [[[Original Music]]]

What’s “turducken?”

Really?  You don’t know?  Why, just the very most meatiest dinner you could serve on Thanksgiving Day: Chicken INSIDE of a duck INSIDE of a turkey.  I’ve even see variations where the chicken is stuffed with an oyster dressing, and the whole shebang is wrapped in bacon.   Meat-tastic!

This song explores an easier way to make this meal for all of your dinner guests — no deboning necessary!

Instead of playing my guitar, I used an old mountain dulcimer I’ve had laying around.  Yes, I have a mountain dulcimer laying around.  Handmade in Lexington, Kentucky around 1975, this instrument languished in my in-laws’ attic for about 30 years (they were going to learn to *play* it, darn it!) before it was re-homed with the new-found family musician.

This recording also features a boot!  And a fork on a guero to simulate a washboard.  Add some whistlin’ and hand clappin’ and you got yerself a hoedown!  I wish I had an old whisky jug with the “XXX” on the side to toot on!  😉

I think the part of this song I’m proudest of is my turkey-solo at the end.

I made sure to teach your kids to do it, too!  Want to learn?

–Pinch the little bit of loose skin just below your larynx.
–Jiggle that bit of skin while vocalizing a “Waaahhhhh” sound.
–Instant (realistic) gobble!  Did you try this at work?  Feel silly now?  🙂

So, my classes this month have sounded a bit like this:

I can’t watch this video and not laugh!!!

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving.  I’m thankful for you all!

Meow, meow!

baby chucks


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