Whoa — Hey! Look Up There!

In the header of this website!  A “Register” button.  I wonder what will happen if you click on it???

What’s that?  A PUBLIC class?!?!?  For really real?

You should check out the details, and join the mailing list for updates, because the contract with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation department is on my desk right now, and as soon as the ink is dry, we’ll start scheduling public classes at the Northwest Recreation Center!

And all my families at Covenant Preschool and Bright Horizons Family Solutions have a super-simple way to register for after-school classes or monthly enrichment classes now, too.

Coming soon:  Online Payments via PayPal!  

Let’s make this simpler for everyone so we can focus on the important stuff:  the MUSIC!!!


Meow, meow!