Recognize Your Coloring Pages?

Hello all!  Here’s the follow-up from last weekend’s concert at the Austin Diaper Bank’s Family Fun Fest at the Northwest Recreation Center!


Ms. Kat and Big Jilm hanging out at the coloring tables, waiting for all of the Kat’s Meows to arrive so we could sing and play with them!


Well, “Big Jilm” and I had a blast playing for all of you!  We had a really, really receptive crowd who did a GREAT job of participating in all of the songs.

We pretended to be racing cats, had an undersea feeding frenzy, tried desperately to share a snack despite many obstacles and accidents, and got all excited for Halloween (yes, already!) while singing about our bones.  I can’t wait to do it again!


Jim Coloring at FFF

Look who I caught coloring! Everybody sat “Hi, Big Jilm!!!”


An old young friend, VERY proud of her “Spooky, Spooky Skeleton” coloring sheet!

Here are the coloring pages that were left behind for me to keep and treasure — most of the kids wanted to take home their coloring page to finish!  Can you spot Big Jilm’s?

photo_2[1] photo_3[1] photo_1[1] photo_2[1] famfunfestfish

Fun, right?

Here’s a video from the event, of all the Kat’s Meows singing Ms. Kat’s original song, “Spooky, Spooky Skeleton.”  (iPhone Quality — please share if you have another!)

Oh, and one last thing:  Ms. Kat is making arrangements at this time to perform regularly — and publicly — in TWO locations!

Details will follow once the schedules are confirmed…  And we’ll be sure to let you know about the BIG shows, with BIG JILM!  😉

Meow, meow!