Kids’ Music Review #3: Trout Fishing in America

Have you become a carpool hostage to your children’s musical selections?

No offense to Raffi, but… do you NEVER want to hear another Raffi song for as long as you live?  Or Barney the Purple Dinosaur?  Or {{{shudder}}} one of those recorded children’s choruses singing childhood favorites like “The Farmer in the Dell?”

(Whose “favorite” *is* that, anyway?!?)

I’ve also heard about this song called “Let It Go.”  Have you heard it?  😉

I’ve decided to share some of my favorite children’s musicians here at  Some are clever songwriters, some put on an engaging, interactive live show, some infuse their catchy music with a fantastic sense of humor (in some cases aimed at their adult audience)… all traits that allow their children’s music to cross the barrier from “tolerable” to “enjoyable.”  And best of all: many are local!

Trout Fishing

From the photo gallery at Must have used a wide-angle lens! 🙂


Here’s a duo that are relatively new to me, despite their longevity: Trout Fishing in America!  “Trout Fishing” began performing in 1979, when I was *ahem, cough, coughone year old.  I was a fan for life from the very first performance I attended in 2012.  They are truly unforgettable.  From their webpage:

As individuals, they are about as different as one can imagine. Together, they blend seamlessly in a way that has captured the imagination (and hearts) of audiences of all ages for over three decades. Ezra on guitar and banjo stands 6’8″ tall while Keith on bass stretches to 5’5 1/2″ on a humid day. Ezra is more playful and extroverted while Keith is more serious and reserved. Each of them bring out the best in the other and the joy that comes from this musical interaction is contagious and impossible to deny.

Are they local?  Well, sorta.  Keith hails from Houston, and Ezra from San Antonio, but for the last twenty-and-some years both have called Arkansas home.   Lucky for ALL of us, they tour far and wide (hey NY, they’ll be in Saratoga on Friday, September 19th!) and frequently come back to central Texas.  I’ve seen them at the Kerrville Folk Festival, where they usually put on two weekend morning kids’ performances, as well as an adult performance on the main stage on a Saturday night.  They can also be found wandering the campgrounds participating in impromptu jam sessions, which I just might enjoy as much as their kid shows.

For current tour dates and details go check out the Trout Fishing in America OfFISHal Page!


The band is not to be confused with the BOOK by Richard Brautigan!


Ms. Kat’s favorite Trout Fishing song?  I’m not sure I can narrow it down to one…

My kids often spontaneously sing “Throw It Out the Window” and have acquired a new favorite (and healthy!) dinner side order since hearing “Pico de Gallo.”

My fave might be “What I Want Is A Proper Cup of Coffee,” although I’ll admit that I still have yet to master singing the lyrics correctly or in time!
Perhaps what I need is 25 years of practice — this performance is from that long ago!

And finally, a recent and Trout OfFISHal video of their hilarious “18 Wheels on a Big Rig!”

All of these recordings are available on the album Family Music Party.  
Check them out!

Meow, meow!