So many things to sing about!

One of the most fun things about preschoolers is that they don’t know ANYTHING.

Okay, so sometimes it can be annoying too (“What do you mean you don’t know how to put your socks on?”) but it’s fun to teach them something new.

And for a little while, everything is new!

Old MacDonald?
Never heard of him.

Jingle Bells?
So you’re telling me there are bells… and people do what, shake them?

London Bridge seems to be structurally unsound.
But I sure do like to walk under things, and be captured, and get whiplash being shaken around!


With that in mind, I thought I’d share my current list of Ms. Kat’s Music & Movement class topics.

The songs within each theme range from traditional preschool songs and nursery rhymes,
to modified nursery rhymes (i.e., familiar melody with new lyrics to incorporate the theme),
to modern traditionals (i.e., unattributed shared internet songs),
to call-and-response chants — we call them “echo!” songs,
to popular songs from children’s entertainers,
“found” poetry set to original melodies,
and Ms. Kat’s Original Preschool Music.

There are at least a dozen songs within each theme. And growing!!!

Click here

to see them all, and comment below to add suggestions of your own!

Don’t forget that the Texas Community Music Festival is starting up this weekend!

Also remember to enter the ONLINE DRAWING for the FREE IN-HOME MUSIC CLASS!!!

Meow, meow!