Ms. Kat’s Music… and Videos!

So, it’s not MTV.  No montages, strobe lights, outlandish costumes or makeup (am I even wearing makeup?), but here’s the first of hopefully very many videos to accompany my original music.

I wrote this song about a year ago to flesh out our Dental Health theme, and it is the first to be credited to the “Ms. Kat” moniker.  Because of the facial contortions — and difficulty in understanding the lyrics as a result — I decided it would work better in a visual form than as an audio recording.  I hope you enjoy it!

Crooked Teeth  (Ms. Kat’s Music, 2013)

Here’s a second video that some of you may have seen yesterday on Ms. Kat’s Facebook  (“Like” me if you like me!)

This one features my boys a year ago, so it’s a little time capsule for me to see how much they’ve grown.  My favorite part might be the little guy’s brief “I have no idea what the words are” jig around 0:28.  If you’d rather sing along than dance a jig, you can find the lyrics here: CLICK HERE FOR LYRICS!

Crooked Teeth Kids  (Ms. Kat’s Music, 2013)

I hope you’re all staying warm today.  Brrr….
It might be a great day to practice those snowman songs!