Happy New Year!!!

No, not a very inspired post.
Yes, a few days after the actual event.

But heartfelt, nonetheless.  New Year’s Day always reminds me of brand new notebooks and sharp pencils on the first day of school.  So much hope, and promise, and ambition… well, once I got through spending that first day lounging with my kids in our pajamas!

And I’ll have you know that I have flossed my teeth *every* day in 2014!

¡Viva resolución!

I can’t wait to resume classes in another week.  Lots of fun song themes planned for January, and keep your eyes open for a special announcement by the end of the month!

In the spirit of fresh beginnings, I’ve updated the “Ms. Kat’s Music & Movement” webpage.  What do you think?

Meow, meow!