Turducken!!! [[[Original Music]]]

What’s “turducken?”

Really?  You don’t know?  Why, just the manliest manly meat dinner you could serve on Thanksgiving Day: Chicken INSIDE of a duck INSIDE of a turkey.  I’ve even see variations where the chicken is stuffed with an oyster dressing, and the whole shebang is wrapped in bacon.   Meat-tastic!

This song explores an easier way to make this meal for all of your dinner guests!

Instead of playing my guitar, I used an old mountain dulcimer I’ve had laying around.  (Yes, I have a mountain dulcimer laying around.  Pretty sure it is older than I am.)  And a boot!  And a fork on a guero to simulate a washboard.  Add some whistlin’ and hand clappin’ and you got yerself a hoedown!  Jest wish I had me a jug to toot on.

I think the part of this song I’m proudest of is my turkey-solo at the end.  Didn’t know I had it in me.  😉

Scroll back up, click the title, give it a listen, and let me know what you think!