S-L-P Schedules

Social Kids! at Speech-Language-Play Free-Play Friday music classes meet on the second Friday* of each month from 10:30-11:30 am.

The first 45 minutes are instructional song and story time, followed by a 15-minute “open jam.”  There is space for a maximum of SIX kids in each class.

09/15/17 — BL, LL, LH, BS, LS, HA
10/13/17 — BL, LL, LS, HA, BS, JK
11/10/17 — BL, LL, LH, JK, LS, HA
12/15/17 — BL, LL, LH, HA, LS, BS, JK
01/12/18 — LH, AGP, JK, LS, HA, BS
02/09/18 — HA, LS, BS, M&L, JK
03/09/18 — LS, LH, JK, BS, HA
04/13/18 — VV, BS, JK, LS, HA
05/11/18 — LS, LH, JK, BS, HA, M&L
06/15/18 — VV, VV, JK, ZMA, HA, BS
07/13/18 — LH, ZMA,   (10am – 11am)

*third Friday when the 1st of the month falls on Friday